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Strong layers of security designed to protect sensitive data better

Unified platform
Lowest TCO
Light-weight architecture with
app for reporting


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Why inDefend ?

Open API for integration and reporting

Less on compute
and storage

Agnostic deployment

Custom Licensing

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Powerful integration with our technology partners

Is your sensitive data at risk? Don't wait to find out


Indian product giving best in the world run for the money

The product with great
capability but should be more user friendly.
Overall very satisfied
who is giving a very tough competition to the best
DLP products in the world.

Very young product
with great maturity

Good product but little complicate compared to other competitions.
Feature wise this product has great capabilities.

Great DLP solution

Good DLP solution in
the market easy to
deploy, monitor, control the endpoints.
Alerting system is good
to Enhance the security.

"This product is good
for security purposes.
Corporates should have
this in their environment.
All the best Data Resolve
and keep growing."

Manas Sahoo

"I'm glad to inform you
it is very good product.
It is very satisfying
with this product.
Need more marketing."


"It's a good one,
which is having restriction as well as productivity also."

Dharmvir Singh


Unified Platform (DLP + Activity
+ Productivity)

BoSS - Support

Trigger driven screenshots

Management Dashboard

Custom rule builder

Mob app for reporting

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